Conexion Engineering and Trading Inc. (“Conexion”), is a US company that was founded in year 2007, as an extension of its mother company, Pares y Alvarez Ingenieros Asociados Ltda. from Chile.

Conexion was first established as a need to organize the engineering services efforts, being done by a group of Pares & Alvarez’s Chilean engineers that came to the USA to perform its work as a support team for a Tampa, FL based engineering company currently called Pegasus TSI, Inc., formerly Mustang Tampa.

After a few months of operation, Conexion begun to expand its team of professionals, all of them currently working in the USA, with a mixture of engineers and designers from Pares & Alvarez and a growing number of other Chilean senior engineers who came from a variety of industries and backgrounds, gathering now designing and operational experience and knowledge from the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Mining Industry, Sugar Industry, Steel Industry and Wood Pulp and Paper Industry, among others.

Currently the company can offer services in all major engineering disciplines (Chemical, Electrical, Instrument and Control, Mechanical, Civil, Piping, etc.)

The main ways for Conexion of generating value for its customers in the US market, is to provide high quality engineering services, for worldwide projects, at very competitive rates, thanks to our access to lower man-hour costs. These services are provided through basically three operating modes:

a) To provide direct engineering support to a client, normally on site, through the presence of one or more senior engineers, who are available full time to develop the type of engineering work required by the client.

b) To execute studies or designs required by the clients, with its available staff in the Tampa offices and supported by all of Pares & Alvarez team in Chile.

c) To facilitate the execution of studies and/or projects from Pares & Alvarez’s offices in Chile, providing the US client with direct support from our specialists located in Tampa, who are ready to interact wherever necessary, in order to clearly understand, expedite and secure the clients needs and expectations.


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