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Besides the vast experience of Conexion’s personnel developing its work in Chile, as well as in other countries, the team of professionals that form this company has successfully taken part in a wide variety of projects while working in the US, either developing projects internally, as well as participating in projects being developed by its customers. The most relevant jobs and our participation on them are summarized below.

  Project Scope Engineer(s)

Lube Oil Hydrotreater, American Refining Group

Basic design for a capital cost estimate

David Socha
Lead Process Engineer


Green Diesel Project, TAKREER, Ruwais, UAE

FEED package

Ricardo Sepulveda
Senior Process Engineer / General Manager


Urea Synthesis Upgrade project & Rail Expansion

FEED package and Licensor design data review

Ricardo Sepulveda
Senior Process Engineer Instrumentation

  Project, Koch Mineral Services; Enid, OK FEED package and Licensor design data review

Marcel Dinamarca
Senior Control Lead Engineer


Utility Improvement Project, SABIC; Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

FEED package

Armando Tecas
Senior Electrical Engineer









Additionally, the main support and backbone of this company it’s the 15 years and more than 250 professionals that work in Chile for Pares & Alvarez, as they provide all their extensive experience to the successful development of projects in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. More detailed information about Pares & Alvarez can be found in the attached brochure.